Guys are Hierarchical, Women are Egalitarian: An Implicit Intercourse Stereotype

Guys are Hierarchical, Women are Egalitarian: An Implicit Intercourse Stereotype


The goal of the present study were to provide empirical evidence into the lives out-of an enthusiastic implicit steps sex label proving one to guys are quicker on the hierarchies and you may women are significantly more readily with the egalitarian structures. Determine the implicit ladder intercourse stereotype, the new Implicit Relationship Decide to try (IAT, Greenwald ainsi que al., 1998) was applied. Two types of undergraduates (Attempt step one: 41 females, 22 males; Take to dos: thirty five female, 37 men) done a recently setup papers-created ladder-sex IAT. Show revealed that there’s a keen implicit hierarchy intercourse label: brand new connection between men and you may hierarchical and you may anywhere between people and egalitarian is more powerful than the organization ranging from people and hierarchical and you can between men and egalitarian. Likewise, people had an even more pronounced implicit hierarchy gender label than just women.


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